Casino Bonuses Trick or Treat

October 27, 2017 Wordpress God 0

Casino Bonuses Trick or Treat

Bonus offers from online casinos may seem very attractive when surfing through a gambling portal and viewing all the casino names lined up next to unbelievable promotional offers but those attractive bonus offers can also be traps designed to tie your deposited money into a play through requirements scheme that is nearly impossible to meet.

Trick or treat, that casino bonus sure is neat, but the question remains, with such stringent play-through requirements how can it be beat It promises ten thousand dollars with only a fifty dollar investment so it is no leap of the imagination to think that this casino must be rich to be able to offer such a huge bonus. What they don’t tell you is that in order to be able to withdraw any money from your account you must first provide proof you have played their slot machine game while fighting off a crocodile with a salad fork on the twenty-ninth of February while slowly tweezing your hairs out of your arms and singing your country’s national anthem.

If you think that sounds ridiculously impossible to meet I can promise you that there’d be more chance of meeting those requirements to get paid than you will have with some of the more unscrupulous online casinos. The afore mentioned will keep moving the line until the player gets disgusted and either gives up or in their frustration send an email which has abusive language in it and that is a legitimate reason for the casino to close the account, keep the money and nobody will question the matter any further than seeing the abusive language.

As much a player advocate as I am, even this writer would cut losses as soon as I saw any foul or threatening language in the email correspondence between the player and the casino (unless the casino was the one using it) simply for the same reason a lawyer won’t take a case based on percentage of the settlement unless they think they can win the case. There’s just no sense wasting time on something that cannot be won.

Casino bonus offers are not all bad of course. However current times demand that the player be sure to read all the fine print before accepting a bonus because there are some online casinos that are otherwise completely reputable are for all technical purposes staying within …